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Every month Poetic Monthly Magazine will feature the top 20 poems submitted by readers for the month.
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Release Date - September 1, 2014

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Poetic Monthly Magazine
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Poetic Monthly magazine each month features the Top 20 poems submitted from our readers. We also print poems of the month from our member forums.  But we are more than just poetry. Each month you will find articles about writing and self publishing your book.   When all of us had the dream of becoming a writer we didn't realize that writing your book and getting it published is really only the beginning.   How to promote and take your book to the top is where the real work comes.   Our magazine is designed to help you find ways to do that.  We have established and beginning authors that share with you their method of sells and promotional ideas.   We are also open to things that work for you.   Using the Living Authors forum pages, part of this website we can share ideas and resources.  

Thank you for visiting our magazine and please help us by spreading the news and purchasing printed copies.   We have the goal of one day going main stream.

Thank you,
Martin D. White & Cheryl Pillsbury
Owners / Publishers

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Attention Authors
Poetic Monthly Magazine
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Author Meeting Place is designed for authors to meet and greet other authors in their close proximity.  Meet the authors from your area and contact them directly.  Put together book signings or share events, links and marketing venues with each other. 



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